Friday, September 20, 2013

Guillermo Del Toro is working on The Simpsons' NEWEST 'Treehouse Of Horrors!'

Wen I first got into The Simpsons, the one thing that stuck out specifically was the Halloween specials. I always found that Matt Groening knew what he was doing because each and every "Treehouse Of Horror" was significantly different than the ones previous.. or at least until recently. [I feel that they're slowly becoming a bit bland..] Be that as it may, The Simpsons are now on their XXIV [that's "24th" for those that aren't good with roman numerals.] Treehouse Of Horror and it turns out that Guillermo Del Toro is helping out!


 for those unaware, Del Toro is the man behind some amazing movies such as [but not limited to]; Hellboy [1 & 2], Pan's Labyrinth, Chronos, Pacific Rim, among many others! Treehouse Of Horror XXIV arrives on October 6th, 2013 and it sounds like it could be really good![here's hoping!] The following quote is from the press release about The Treehouse Of Horrors XXIV, and it actually gives me some hope for the newest addition from The Simpsons!
"The opener of the 24th annual “Treehouse of Horror” is from Guillermo Del Toro and features monsters and classic characters from horror films throughout history. In “Oh The Places You’ll D’oh,” the first of three spine-tingling stories, Homer rides around Springfield wreaking havoc as “The Fat in The Hat” in a rhyming Dr. Seuss-ian tale. In “Dead and Shoulders,” Bart is beheaded during a kite accident, his head is attached to Lisa’s body and they must live together as one. The final terrifying tale, “Freaks no Geeks,” features Mr. Burns’ traveling circus, The Burnsum and Bailey Circus, which has stopped in Springfieldland in the 1930s. Trapeze artist Marge and Strong Man Homer are performers and things go awry when circus freak Moe starts to make advances towards Marge in the all-new “Treehouse of Horror XXIV” episode of The Simpsons” airing Sunday, Oct. 6 (8:00-8:30 PM ET/PT) on FOX."
Personally, I think that Guillermo Del Toro will be an awesome addition because he has knowledge of the horror genre, and he is a fantastic writer/director. However, I haven't ever thought about him working on an animated series, so I guess I'll have to watch in order to really decide.


 So now I want to hear your opinion; how do you feel about Guillermo Del Toro helping in the newest episode of Treehouse Of Horrors? Let me know who in the comment section below! Be sure to 'like' the fan page for Firework Eyes & Haunted Hearts on Facebook; which you can find here, or even follow me on Twitter. [visit my profile here] If you have a Tumblr, be sure to follow me here or my more horror explicit Tumblr here [please be aware, that my second Tumblr page has inappropriate content for readers/viewers under 18] Have a suggestion for a new post? Send me your comments and/or ideas anywhere mentioned above. Until my next post though, CHEERS!

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