Sunday, February 10, 2013

NEW movie review; the film? Oldboy [2005]


I was going to wait to do this review tomorrow [considering it's nearly midnight, and I gotta be up for 8:15am tomorrow, school starts at 10] but it can't wait; Oldboy is one of those films that needed to be reviewed as I finished it. [quite literally, I just finished it] What can I say about this film? One thing.. holy fuck. I promise, that's a good thing. So let's get on with this review, shall we?
Due to the nature of the film, I naturally didn't want Stephanie watching as well. So with her at her brother's place for the next 2 days, I figure this is my chance to watch the films that she has no interest in. So like I said, it's hard to choose words to describe this film. I feel that 'HOLY FUCK..' sums it up pretty good. But that's because it's really all I can really say right now. [I keep thinking of the film] The thought [and the acting] that went into this film is just so so so extreme, and at every turn, my jaw hurt from being on the floor. [or in my case, the bed] Oh yeah, did I mention our friend Oh Dae-su [the main character] actually eats a live squid? [don't say I didn't warn you.]

 [yeeeeeah, that's kinda gross, bro.]

The ending actually kinda bugged me at first [SPOILER; the fact that he was locked up for 15 years for THAT?!] but as the ending delved deeper, and we find out who Mi-do truly is.. I couldn't help but be impressed. [grossed out, but impressed] I can safely say of all the revenge films I enjoy, this one is certainly up near the top of the list; cause it's fucking beautiful.. and it damn well knows it, the story telling, the acting, everything.. I'm officially finding myself I'm still in awe of everything that I just witnessed with my own two eyes.. [this film officially makes me want to watch MORE Korean horror/thrillers; cause they're too fucking awesome in their own brutal way.] One last note; Although this movie is fucking weird, creepy, amazing, and all sorts of other adjectives I could choose from, I strongly recommend it.. y'know, if you've got the stomach for it. CHEERS !

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