Tuesday, February 5, 2013

April 2013 looks to be the month for us horror fans..

Seriously. There is a good number of horror films [that actually look good; not like that "Cockney's vs Zombies" crap, that's playing right in the theater where I work right now- even if that's for the film festival..] that are coming out in April, and there are two that I'm actually looking forward to. Back on January 5th 2013, I mentioned how Carrie was being pushed til October making us [I say 'us', because I'm sure I'm not the only one who's excited] have to wait a little longer than expected. However, there is TWO horror movies, that have actually been pushed forward, rather than back. Below, I mention which ones, and my thoughts.

NUMBER 1; The Evil Dead [remake]


So I won't lie; when I first heard this was being remade, I got upset.. I knew for a fact that Hollywood has become obsessed with remaking almost every movie that I hold dear [forgive my abrupt rant] and ruining it dearly. and now my 2nd favorite horror film [first being 'A Nightmare On Elm Street-original] is being remade. HOWEVER, after the red band trailer came out, which can be found here, I changed my mind drastically. I had some of the same feelings watching the trailer, as I did watching the original film.. [Also, keeping a close eye on Bruce Campbell's tweets helped as well.] This film has been pushed forward a week now being released to theaters on April 5th, 2013.

on Twitter, he actually claimed he's proud of the remake, & fully approves of the end result. fuck yes!

NUMBER 2; The Lords Of Salem

With an official trailer for this film which just came out the other day, [you can see it in all it's glory, here] I figured that this film needs to be mentioned. I first mentioned this movie on December 20th, 2012; and talked about how stoked I was for it because it's [finally] an original Rob Zombie flick. [probably the first 'original' from him since 'The Devil's Rejects'- which is quite superb, if I may say.] It features a lot of actors/actress I've never even heard of; [except the always wonderful, Sheri-Moon Zombie, as seen in the poster above.] It was meant to be released on April 26th, 2013; however, many people demanded sooner [hopefully this won't ruin the quality of the film, due to being rushed.] and now it's actual release date is April 19th, 2013 [also a week earlier than before] There was also a collection of posters made for this film, rather than just the one with Sheri-Moon Zombie on the front, and those can be seen below;






Which of the two films that are being pushed ahead are you looking foward to the most? The Lords Of Salem? Or The Evil Dead remake? Let me know on the fan page for this blog on Facebook; which you can find here or on Twitter here . If you have a Tumblr, follow me here. Have a fantastic week, and until my next post; CHEERS !

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