Friday, February 7, 2014

Isabelle Fuhrman cast in Stephen King's CELL 

Do you remember Isabelle Fuhrman? - She's best known from the movie ORPHAN [pictured above] and she was also in the first film of THE HUNGER GAMES. According to Deadline however, she has recently been cast in Stephen King's novel to film adaptation of CELL. the plot summary of CELL is about a certain New England artist [named Clayton Riddell] is struggling to reunite with his son after a mysterious signal - known as 'The Pulse' is broadcasted over the global cell phone networks and thus turns the majority of his fellow humans around him [and in his town] into mindless vicious animals. y'know.. like zombies.

File:Cell by Stephen King.jpg 
[the book cover for CELL; same version I have in fact]


 Isabelle Fuhrman has been cast as Alice Maxwell and will be working along side Samuel L. Jackson and John Cusack. Her character, Alice, is a character who teams up with Clayton to head North in order to help him find his son. 

[credit on the poster above is from Bloody-Disgusting]


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