Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Movie Review; Hostel [2005]

'Three backpackers head to a Slovak city that promises to meet their hedonistic expectations, with no idea of the hell that awaits them..'
Hostel is one of those movies that I felt had to be watched at least once or twice to get the full feel for it. I first watched it on TV when a while after it was first released- and honestly; I didn't like it. [at the time, I also wasn't too fond of horror as much as I am now.] It wasn't until I watched it again [first time since the first time around] a few months ago, that I actually really appreciated it for what it was.. The one thing I will say about Hostel if you haven't seen it is to make sure you push through to the end. I've talked to a few friends about the movie, and they agree that the first half feels fairly boring [during your first viewing of the movie itself], and nothing super exciting happens until the last half an hour-ish. But let's rewind a fair chunk first.. let's look at what actually happens in Hostel!
Like any good horror film, It's about a group of friends [isn't that usually the case?] who are in Amsterdam where they find themselves locked out of their hostel. [they're backpacking through the country] Considering they are locked out, they decide to walk around when they are invited into a man's house. This man decides to tell them about another hostel somewhere in eastern Europe where the women are all extremely hot and have an unquenchable taste for American men..[see where this is headed?] Naturally, when they get there, the friends decide that the man was right- and everything is almost too good to be true. That this 'better' hostel- is to die for.


[haha, 'to die for'. you're hilarious, Warren.]
 Now, a lot of people claim that the film itself isn't extremely gory like it was advertised to be- but I personally feel that the gore that was there- was placed well enough to make it effective. [can't have it being too over the top, it may ruin the effect] One scene in particular is where a guy uses a blowtorch on someone's eye- and you see the whole after effect. [writer's note: the following picture is not for the faint of heart/squeamish]

Ultimately, you see her eye all pus filled, and it's a gnarly scene to say in the least, but I feel that it was necessary to show that this movie isn't exactly a happy one. Unless you count the revenge sequence nearing the end.. The last thing I'll leave you with is that Hostel actually spawned 2 sequels- I've only seen the 2nd one, and it follows a group of girls going to Rome to study abroad. The third one is apparently nothing like the first two, so I shall have to decide if I'm going to see it or not.. FINALLY, if you're okay with horror films, and actually like graphic content- I totally recommend this film, it's directed/written by Eli Roth- known for the classic known as Cabin Fever!
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