Thursday, June 20, 2013

Welcome back! [first post since losing internet - RIP]

As you may or may not have known, Stephanie and I recently [back on June 1st] moved into our first apartment together! [fucking finally, Am I Right?] However, one thing that I wasn't used to right away was the [lack of] internet. As it turned out, we wouldn't be getting internet for nearly three weeks; and had to find ways to occupy our time accordingly. Thankfully, being in the 21st century- we had video games at our disposal and a load of movies to watch if time allowed. [and I mean a load- see our new movie shelf below]

[the worst part is that's 'part one' of a bookshelf for movies!]
The other thing that's been occupying my time; is drawing on my Bamboo Tablet. For those unaware of what this is- it's basically a tablet [as it's implied] which you plug into your computer and it comes with a stylus to draw.. Being the sketch-artist I am, I figured without internet: why the fuck not. One drawing in particular that I did stuck out, and I'm going to show you- simply because I can [no self promotion or anything here!]

I think he looks kinda pretty, don't you?

If you follow the fan page on Facebook, [found here] you probably would have noticed that I mentioned that there is a load of new posts coming to Firework Eyes & Haunted Hearts; and this is true. Considering I am now in an apartment, I find that some posts may actually be posted late at night.. This is possible because when Steph goes to bed, I can officially stay up [in the living room, sitting on the couch: which is where I am now as I type this] and type to my life's content [assuming I don't need to get up super early the next morning]. As opposed to before when we were living at my grandparents; if I wanted to type when she goes to sleep, the light of the laptop would more than likely keep her awake.  I guess that's basically an update on how the move went, and what is now fully expected here on Firework Eyes & Haunted Hearts; Expect a lot.. Even to the point where there may be more than one post a day!

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