Saturday, March 22, 2014

glad this week is over? Me too, let's RANT! [AKA: I'm apparently possessed..]

[disclaimer: Not until I looked to find this video on Google did I realize I'm posting this on Pat Robertson's birthday.. honestly, this wasn't intentional. Oh well..]

 Is anyone else glad this week is [finally] over? I am, I've been working like crazy, and have been on call many a night lately- and I'm finally getting a weekend to myself. [not to mention my birthday tomorrow, but that's another story..] Looking for things to talk about that actually makes me slightly angry has been sparse lately, until I came across a post on Fearnet [original post can be read here] about a Televangelist by the name of Pat Robertson. For those unaware, our friend here Pat is pretty damned convinced that horror films actually allow demons to take over your soul and allow them 'permission' to take over your life. [in an interview- which is posted via YouTube below- he claims that he's heard of this happening before]

"A few years ago I heard about a teenage girl who was demon possessed, and people began to deal with the demon and try to cast it out," he recalled. "And you know what the demon said? 'I had permission.' And the permission was granted when this child had gone to some double-X-rated movie, or whatever it was, and had allowed this thing to come into her."

I mean, seriously? Are people really that ridiculous? I couldn't believe what I was hearing; I've been watching horror films since I was about 11, and I seem to have turned out alright.. at least, I like to think so. [I guess it doesn't help that I work in a funeral home bad.] I decided to dig deeper into this man [big mistake on my part] and I've discovered that he's said a lot more than complain about horror films. As it turns out, he also opposes gay marriage, and prefers to call non-Christians "termites". This man is an fucking outrage!! It truly amazes me that people can be so fucking ignorant.. Don't get me wrong, I'm not religious at all, but I don't slam them for their beliefs- y'know, like this guy seems to do for us horror fans/gays/etc.. points to you, Robertson. /:

Good job there, Pat Robertson, you've pissed off about 90% of the horror community; and probably 100% of gay individuals everywhere. Check out the interview on RWW NEWS with Robertson below- it'll make you upset enough to scream. I guarantee it.

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