Sunday, May 19, 2013

The End Begins; Official Trailer For Season 8 Of Dexter


NOTE; Spoliers may or may not be in the post;

Other than Six Feet Under being my favorite show; I stand that my 2nd favorite lies with Dexter. It's really one of the only TV shows that made me want to read the books that the series is based off of. [as a warning however; the books came first, and only the first- of five- book is the same as season 1] I also own all 7 seasons on DVD, and although I haven't officially jumped into season7, I know what happens [due to impatience, and reading ahead..whoops!] at the end. With season8 being the final season, I know that I'm going to feel bittersweet; I hate to see the series end, but I'm glad that the director/producers aren't dragging it out. 


That's what I liked so much about Six Feet Under.. it was beautiful in every aspect, and after 5 seasons, they finished it off in the best way possible. With Dexter ending next year [after this final season] I can finally say that my 2 favorite shows have come to a close. I also feel that it should finish in an almost bittersweet way, because as we all know, Dexter is "America's Favorite Serial Killer"; therefore, I feel that it shouldn't end with something like he gets blown to smithereens, but also, maybe not end with everyone holding hands, skipping down the road. I mean, after all- the guy is a fucking serial killer for crying out loud- and even if he's a fantastic character, he kind of has it coming to him.. [he's almost/has been caught how many times now?! only to kill off the person who saw him/they leave Miami..] 


The point I'm trying to reach here is that one of my favorite shows is about to start it's final season, and I'm not sure how I feel; none the less.. it's a necessary step, because I don't need them dragging this show out, and bleeding it dry [no puns intended there..]. Below, I have posted the official trailer for season 8 as posted by SHOWTIME, and if you haven't seen the other seasons [especially 6 & 7] you may be confused; and if you have, knock yourself out- it's looking bloody perfect! [I'm pretty sure I'm done with the puns now]

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