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Being a fan of the original, I was deeply concerned with how this film was going to turn out, because I knew that it was a remake, and I figured "why mess with something that's already really good?" But after seeing interviews with Bruce Campbell [who actually was helping make this film and said he was proud of the finished product], and seeing the trailers for this film- I decided I may as well see it, considering it's EvilDead, and it's actually starting to look really good.. Now, below I will share my thoughts on the film- Be aware, there is going to be spoilers, and like the blood content of the film, there's going to be a lot of it.


First off, be aware that this is both a remake and a "secret sequel" [Director Fede Alvaraz claimed that this film, it's sequel, and the original EvilDead films will all merge in "Evil Dead 7"] and holy fuck does it do good. Everything about the film felt like what the originals should have been. [as said by Bruce Campbell] Remember all the cheesiness of the originals? Take that away, and you've got this version- there's almost no comedy involved, it's not a happy film, and there's blood.. loads of it!
The story is different than the original as well, but it seemed almost fitting [Rather than 4 friends going to a cabin for the weekend- which was the original; it's now 4 friends, two of which are siblings, go to their old family cabin to help one friend get over her Heroin addiction- story of the remake.] There was also a small backstory at the beginning of the film, which kind of explains the "first time" someone becomes a demon, [I should also mention that they're called "demons" now instead of "deadites"] but it make the mood more interesting. There was also a few scenes that are kind of throw backs to the originals as well- including chopping your whole damned arm off [as opposed to when Ash cut just his hand off in the original], the necklace Ash gives Linda in the first Evil Dead, and of course- the infamous tree rape sequence [below]

notice how much more disgusting and terrifying it looks now, compared to before?


The gore was brilliantly done, there was some crazy scenes where one of the friends [as a deadite.. sorry, I mean 'demon'] actually goes so far as to cut her face until she looks like some fucked up version of the Joker from Batman, except worse! [GIF below]

If that's not enough for you, at one part one of the Possessed Demons [deadite] actually goes so far as to take a box cutter, and cut her tongue down the centre, and we see it all! [as seen below]


The one thing that does need to stop however is the fact [not just this movie, although it's guilty of it as well] that I'm getting tired of demons that suddenly swear like crazy. Don't get me wrong, it's fine to swear once in a while, but if the character who's possessed doesn't swear before being possessed; why the hell after? It's just a small pet peeve of mine.

So I gotta say, it's one hell of a film, it's a brutal take on a classic, and even though I don't say it often- I actually enjoyed this remake. It's everything the originals should have been- unless like me, you like the cheesiness factor.. The last thing I'm going to leave you with is that if you are going to see it, or even if you have already- stay until after all the credits- because [MAJOR spoiler alert] even though it's only for 5 seconds, Bruce Campbell does show up- he looks at the camera, and says "groovy!" which in my opinion, makes the film complete.. If you're a fan of the originals, or even if you just want a bloody good time, I fully recommend this flick- cause holy fuck.. they did good.

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